2007 (Rutgers)



EPISTEME held its fourth annual conference at Rutgers University on June 29-30, 2007.

Top, L-R: Alvin Goldman, Jennifer Lackey, Dennis Whitcomb, Patrick Rysiew

2nd row: John Greco, Marc Moffett, Roger Koppl

3rd row: Melissa Koenig, Peter Lipton, Al Casullo and Miriam Solomon, Sandy Goldberg

Bottom: Arnon Keren, Jonathan Adler, Paul Faulkner


We were sorry that Linda Zagzebski couldn’t attend – severe weather conditions affected her flight. Roger Koppl very kindly stepped in at the last minute to complete the program.

Friday, June 29th

9:00 Welcome

9:15-10:30 John Greco, “Reliable Testimony”

10:45-12:00 Marc Moffett, “A Paradox Concerning Ideal Rational Inquiry”

1:15-2:30 Melissa Koenig, “Children’s Trust in Testimony: The Roles of Inductive Inference and Social Cognition”

2:30-3:45 Peter Lipton, “Alien Abduction: Inference to the Best Explanation and the Evaluation of Testimony”

4:00-5:15 Al Casullo, “Testimony and A Priori Knowledge”

Saturday, June 30th

9:00-10:15 Linda Zagzebski, “Ethical and Epistemic Egoism and the Goal of Autonomy”

10:30-11:45 Arnon Keren, “Epistemic Authority, Testimony and the Transmission of Knowledge”

1:00-2:15 Jonathan Adler, “Distortion, Argument, and Excluded Middles”

2:15-3:30 Paul Faulkner, “Cooperation and Trust in Conversational Exchanges”

3:45-5:00 Patrick Rysiew, “Beyond Words: Linguistic Communication, Truthfulness, and the Epistemology of Testimony”

Conference organizers are:

Alvin Goldman (Rutgers University) and Jennifer Lackey (Northern Illinois University).