2006 (Toronto)


Participants from left to right:

Jim Brown, Alison Wylie, Rebecca Kukla, Miriam Solomon, Deborah Tollefsen, Daniel Weinstock, Elizabeth Anderson, Kristina Rolin, Nancy Daukas, Miranda Fricker, Sue Campbell, John Beatty, Lorraine Code, Ann Garry, David Coady, Alvin Goldman.

The focus of this year’s meeting, is a cluster of questions about the epistemic implications of diversity among knowers and the epistemic functions of dissent within and between communities of knowers. What constitutes epistemically relevant diversity and epistemically appropriate dissent? How does social and cultural, as well as cognitive, difference enrich the resources of an epistemic community? When is dissent productive, and why?

Friday, June 2:


Chair: James Robert Brown (University of Toronto)

Elizabeth S. Anderson (University of Michigan): “The Epistemology of Democracy”

Daniel Marc Weinstock (Université de Montréal): “What is Public Reason?”

David Coady (University of Tasmania): “When Experts Disagree”


Chair: James Beebe (SUNY at Buffalo)

Miriam Solomon (Temple University): “Epistemic Diversity or Epistemic Randomness? (Or, More on the Invisible Hand of Reason)”

John Beatty (University of British Columbia): “Group Deliberation”

Deborah Perron Tollefsen (University of Memphis): “Scientific Teamwork: Is There Room for Dissent?”

Saturday, June 3:


Chair: Alison Wylie (University of Washington)

Nancy Daukas (Guilford College): “Epistemic Trust and Social Location”

Kristina Rolin (Academy of Finland Research, Helsinki School of Economics): “The Bias Paradox in Feminist Standpoint Epistemology”

Rebecca Kukla (Carleton University): “Objectivity and Contingency in Empirical Knowledge”


Chair: Ann Garry (CSU-Los Angeles)

Miranda Fricker (Birkbeck College, University of London): “Epistemic Injustice in Social Knowledge”

Sue Campbell (Dalhousie University): “Performing Counter-memory”

Lorraine Code (York University): “Advocacy, Negotiation, and the Politics of Unknowing”


Alison Wylie, program (University of Washington): awylie@stanford.edu

James Robert Brown, local arrangements (University of Toronto): jrbrown@chass.utoronto.ca

Alvin Goldman, Episteme editor (Rutgers University): goldman@philosophy.rutgers.edu

A special issue of EPISTEME, containing a selection of presented papers, will be released in conjunction with the conference. Alison Wylie (University of Washington, Seattle) will be the Guest Editor of the journal issue and James Robert Brown (University of Toronto) will host the conference.